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DEF!ANT JIU-JITSU is a BJJ academy based in Ajusco, Mexico City. We differ from most schools because our priorities are different. Our primary focus is on encouraging participation because we believe Jiu-Jitsu has benefits for everyone.

Most academies are profit-driven businesses focused on making money and winning competitions. That wasn’t something we were interested in so we decided to do things differently.

We think of our selves as promoting “community Jiu-Jitsu”. We are a local, non-profit club tasked with enhancing the lives of our members through friendship and training. Our focus is on Jiu-Jitsu as a defensive martial art and a fun way to improve fitness.


Do any of these apply to you?

  • your personality is peaceful, non-competitive, and sociable
  • you could benefit from improved self-esteem and confidence
  • you are more interested in self-defence than competition
  • you are a mature person or a working professional
  • getting injured isn’t an option for you
  • you’re out of shape but you’d like your exercise to be fun
  • you are busy juggling family, study, and work commitments

How are we different?

How do we achieve our objectives?


Because of thepandemic we are unable to offer public classes. Instead we offer two private training options. Students must be able to confirm that they are adhering to the guidelines regarding COVID-19 i.e. wearing facemasks, social distancing, frequently washing hands. This is to reduce the risk of infecting others.

  1. Rolling Only. 1-3 students per session.
  2. Private Lessons. 2-3 students per class.
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